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How Important is to Outline to Write a Perfect Essay – Guide 2022


Outline of an Essay

In this article, the importance of outlining the essay before writing the final draft will be elaborated. Moreover, the types of outlines that can be made, and the overview of the process of outlining an essay will also be discussed. Hence, this article will help students accomplish one of the major steps of writing an excellent essay i.e., Making the outline, easily.


The first task while writing a research paper is to decide the topic. Even if the students use an online essay writing service, it will also serve no good if the topic chosen is not concise enough. Choosing a broader topic will make discussion very difficult and most of the important points will not be covered, hence, a more particular topic should be chosen.


After making a selection on the topic, the next task is to make the outline of the research paper. The outline is the first draft which not only paves the way of writing an organized research paper with the correct flow but also helps in revising the paper once the final draft has been written to check if any important point has been missed by the essay writer.




Importance of an Essay Outline

The process of writing an essay outline is crucial to the overall success of the process as it allows the writer to carefully look where the essay is going and how to get where the writer wants to take the essay. It also helps the author to keep his/ her ideas and thoughts organized, and present them in a logical and effective flow and manner.


When a person begins with the task of writing an essay, tons and tons of ideas come up in the mind, and when research is conducted much data is revealed. This makes the writer confused and some writers either end up presenting too much information while others tend to present some lesser important facts missing some more important points. This issue can be easily avoided if the writer rather than directly jumping into the process of writing the essay starts with the outlining.


An outline can expose when too much information is added to the essay. It can also tell the writer if an important point is missed. It also helps the writer to adjust the sequence of information depending upon what looks more important and what makes sense somewhere else. An outline is also easier to edit as it does not contain the complete passages, rather the words or sentences highlighting the major points.


Although many people prefer writing the essay without making an outline, it often becomes too challenging a task and the product is not as effective as it could have been having the outlining been done beforehand. Hence, whether you are writing an essay or a research paper, make sure to write the outline to save your time and effort of editing the whole paper later on as the mistakes are discovered while proofreading.


Types of essay outline

Depending upon word structure, the outline of a research paper has two types:

  1. Word outline
  2. Sentence outline


In word outline, phrases and words are used to define the outline of the research paper. The various topics and subjects discussed in the paper are listed in this outline. Such an outline is also called the topic outline as it is used to list the topic to be discussed in each paragraph.

Sentence outline uses full sentences to make an outline. These sentences are then used as the first line of each paragraph.


The outline has another two types which are based on the style used for outlining the paper. These are alphanumeric and decimal. An alphanumeric outline, alphabets, and numbers are used to mark headings and subheadings i.e. 1, A, I, etc whereas in decimal 1, 1.1, 1.1.1 is the format used for headings and subheadings.



The outline of a research paper is distributed into three main parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.



This part of the outline contains the thesis sentence which basically is based on the topic selected and also defines the purpose of the research. The reason why research is being conducted, the goal which is to be achieved are also part of the introduction. The significance of the topic selected, the methodology used to conduct the research, and the approach used to discuss all the points within the paper are also described here.


An essay writer online is just required to consider a number of different things such as the structure of the essay, the way he conveys his ideas, the main components of the essay, etc. 



The body contains all the topic sentences. These are the supporting arguments for the thesis statement. Along with the arguments, the secondary sources supporting each argument are also listed down in the body.



It includes a summary of all main points and the final position the researcher has arrived at. The limitations and future recommendations are also added here.


General outline sample

  1. Introduction
  • Topic 
  • Purpose of research
  • Scope
  • Methodology
  • Approach
  • Thesis statement
  1. Body
  • Topic sentence or argument 1
    • Supporting secondary source 1
    • Supporting secondary source 2
  • Topic sentence or argument 2
    • Supporting secondary source 1
    • Supporting secondary source 2
  • Topic sentence or argument 3
    • Supporting secondary source 1
    • Supporting secondary source 2
  1. Conclusion
  • Summary of each argument
  • Findings and implications
  • Limitations of the research
  • Recommendations for future work


This general outline can be used as a working guide for students who find themselves stuck in outlining the research paper. I also use it extensively and have found it to be extremely useful to write essay for me using this draft of the outline.



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