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Our clients quite often ask why theses in the write my paper team are expensive. Of course, the price of a thesis is based on the cost of writing a study, of which the author's payment takes a large share.

Payment to the author, in turn, consists of such parameters as:

  • workload;
  • level of originality;
  • the language of writing the work;
  • advanced analysis methods;
  • special software.

I will analyze each of the points in more detail.

Obviously, the price of writing a diploma to order directly depends on how many pages there will be in the study . Thus, an FQP (60-65 pages) will cost less than a master's thesis (85-90 pages). Therefore, the more pages, the higher the cost of writing a thesis. For example, the average prices for our work are as follows:

Another important factor in determining the value of a thesis will be the level of originality . There are works for which there are no requirements for originality. This means that such research requires less time and effort to complete, which means that the thesis will be cheaper. But now, of course, all theses have an upper borrowing threshold of no more than 15%. This means that the higher the required originality, the higher the cost of writing a thesis.

Sometimes a client needs a diploma in non-English (and these are not uncommon). Then the paper writer remuneration increases, because such work requires special qualifications and knowledge. Therefore, writing a work in a foreign language increases the cost of the thesis.

In a large number of jobs that I have had to deal with, it is necessary to use advanced methods of analysis . These include, for example, econometric analysis, building neural networks, or programming. Not all authors, not only in our team, but also in the market in general, possess such methods of analysis. This means that the use of advanced analysis methods increases the cost of writing a thesis to order.

Also, special software can be used in the study . For example, Primavera (project management software) or Bizagi (process modeling software). Here, as well as with advanced methods of analysis, very high qualifications are required. Therefore, the need to work on special software also increases the cost of the thesis.

Of course, the cost of a thesis may depend on other parameters. So, we have the opportunity to order a "burning job". On our site it is written “Term from 1 day. We begin to help on the day of contact ”. And, of course, the price for suche essay writing help rises.

Summing up, I would like to note once again that the main thing for our team is fair payment for the author's work. Therefore, if he needs more time, effort and skills to perform high-quality tasks, then his reward increases.

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