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How To Deliver A Presentation Of 5 Minutes - 2021 Guide

A 5 minute presentation is very attractive. It is short enough for every write my essay presenter and audience and it can be a separate track at a conference. 




First let me give you my definition of "good" in this context: 'A good presentation is one that is remembered and causes a change in the audience' .


I also want to make clear that "a good presentation" does not mean "5-minutes of write my paper perfection". It means there should be no gap or mistake in the presentation.


The duration of 5 minutes itself gives an idea of what kind of content you can use for this talk. 


Ok, let's see how we can make it happen! This article describes a practical method for delivering 5-minute presentations. Before going into details I would like to emphasize some principles:


Talk about something that interests you and makes you excited! I am quite sure that if your mind is occupied by a topic, then your eyes will sparkle a bit;)  Plan the talk  in advance. Write down your notes or make a recording for yourself. 


1:  What is the topic?


Take a moment and think about what you want to say. What would be the most important thing in your essay writing service talk? This should be one sentence, which describes everything in a nutshell. It seems difficult but it really isn't:)  In my experience students always plan more than they need because they are afraid that something will get lost "on the way."


2: Who is your audience?


It's very important! Do not try to speak with EVERYONE on an OPEN stage! For example, if you're talking about some details of software development or how to use Slack for work then this presentation is intended for developers only! If you use words like "and" or "so", then it means that you're addressing everyone. It's ok to use "you" but do it carefully!


3: Choose the title


After deciding on the topic, choose a title. Keep it short and clear (like 5-minutes). The more concise and interesting paper writing service this is, the easier it will be for you to remember what you're talking about in the first place 🙂  


4 : Create an outline


State your main idea or describe what is going on in general terms. Prepare at least 2 preliminary ideas of how you can connect these ideas into one coherent whole.  Prepare 10 points that support your presentation (use some numbers if possible 🙂 ). You should know every detail in advance so don't improvise during the talk! This will help you to remember your ideas without any "lapses".


3: How much time do you have?


If you're not sure about the duration of your presentation then it is best to offer 4 different options for every slide. This will save a lot of time (and panic) during your talk! BTW, I would love to see that option in PowerPoint. Maybe someday.... 🙂   If you know for sure that the event has strict rules on the length of talks (but they forget to tell it to you) then prepare even more versions for each slide.  Ok, let's imagine our audience isn't looking at their mobile devices or laptops and they are just ready for listening! Really no distractions from the side and everyone is ready to listen for 5-minutes. This is going to be your most difficult situation! Just remember: these few minutes are yours and no one else's 🙂  


4: Prepare the setting of your presentation


If you have an online conference then there should be a streaming video or maybe a photo about you with each slide.  If you're on stage then prepare for this event as if it was a movie premiere! Make sure everything looks perfect. Choose the right background behind you;)  Clear up all tables in front of the speaker, replace water bottles with flowers ;), clean up any cable mess etc. If possible, have some lighting around you or whatever helps to reflect your image better.  


5: Plan time between slides


Do not rush through your presentation. Do not try to fit as much information on a slide as possible. Make sure you have enough time for each idea! You don't want people to miss any point while they're thinking about the next one, right?


6: Rehearse!


 It may sound funny but you can rehearse even on paper. If there is no stage at all then go through your slides and mark with post-its or scraps of paper where you should stand, move or stop reading from your notes;)   I can assure that if you reheat this several times it will be much easier for essay writer you!  If your talk is very long then plan to do 3 rehearsals before the real event.

The 5-minute presentation is a great opportunity to tell your story and share what you’ve learned. We hope that by reading this blog post, you now have the tools necessary for designing an engaging talk in just five minutes. Remember that practice makes perfect. Once again, we wish you luck on all of your presentations!

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