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Parenting mistakes of very caring parents

Even those parents who are most prepared for raising children make mistakes. Knowing the rules is one thing, but keeping the appropriate proportions another, but also very important. And all because with the amount of care, good advice and love, you can't overdo it either. Here are nine common mistakes caring parents make. Read them and you may find the answer to your question.

1. Tell your child about everything

Explaining the structure of the world is one of the most important parenting tasks. However, there are some things that children do not want to learn about at all. And also the explanation of homework is important too. If you see that it is difficult for a child to learn, then take advantage and help him. It is important to explain this to the child. You tell your toddler where the dinosaurs went, that you had a bad day at work and that you have a headache. But the child should not hear that the father does not love his mother-in-law (in the eyes of the child, the grandmother is someone very important and beloved), that the parents call their neighbor among themselves “Her Majesty Lida” (one day the child can use these words in her presence) ... Also, your baby may be frightened by talking about someone else's misfortune, diseases. If there is a question about death, do not answer in detail. People go to heaven or remain in our memory - choose the answer according to the individual sensitivity of your child.

2. In the diet, strictly adhere to the schedule

It is best to feed wisely, but at the same time taking into account the recommendations of experts. It is important that the child still thinks well after eating. If it's hard then use it and it will help your child think. Various reference materials as well as nutritional diagrams are valuable help for parents. But not every child is able to eat as much as the book norm requires of him. Not everyone reaches the weight that the age-appropriate centiles (centile tables) show. If you are already worried that your child does not want to eat broccoli, but does enjoy other green vegetables, cross it off the menu for a while. After all, you also have dishes and products that you do not like very much - your child has the right to have his own opinion about what is offered to him for lunch. Of course, we say no to junk food, sodas with a lot of sugar and other unhealthy foods at a young age.

3. Try so that the child does not miss anything

Another doll, cubes, a toy phone, a real cage, a tablet ... - are you trying to satisfy all the child's requests? You didn't have it, let him have it. However, the needs of babies are constantly growing. Meanwhile, it is not modern gadgets, but the good old toys that influence development best of all. Moreover, regardless of whether the toy is old or new, children are more willing to play when their parents are connected to their fun. Carpet pampering with dad can easily win the competition even with Play Station. An excess of toys will not bring such joy as the time that parents devote to walking, reading books or just playing pranks can give. Also If parents teach children to write. This is very important for their development and use for a good approach to this. This resource will help in the quality development of a child's voice.

4. Rely on age-inappropriate child development

A three-year-old who knows letters, this is certainly a reason for parental pride. However, for a preschool child, it is better to do well with drawing, modeling clay or stringing beads (as an introduction to shoe lacing), think about their behavior and improve it if necessary. These skills will help you succeed in school, in which, sooner or later, all children will learn reading skills.

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