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How To Write A Descriptive Essay

One of the keys for writing a descriptive essay is first to engage all five of your senses by including all of the senses in your analysis and interpretation of the text. If you cannot do that, then your essay isn't even a success. It is your job as the author to engage your reader so that they will feel as though they are part of your world while absorbing your ideas and main ideas. In addition to this, you must also demonstrate your creativity by way of including literary devices such as similes and metaphors. These allow your reader to imagine a different scenario than what they have already imagined and you do that through your language.

When you are writing descriptive essays, it is important to make sure that you use all five of your senses in the paragraphs that you choose. Of course, when you read our examples, it will be clearer to you. So we recommend doing it here
. This is the most important thing when writing academic writing paper. If you don't include all five of your senses in your paragraphs then you will lose your reader and they won't read on. There are many styles to write a descriptive essay and you should choose one that suites your needs. As an example, if you are writing a paper about the North Pole, you would most likely use words such as sleet, ice, snow, and even methane to describe these harsh winter conditions that are found in the Arctic region.

In this same paragraph, if you were to describe the Taj mahal in India you would most likely use words such as white, blue, pink, silver, gold and emerald. You use the senses in your descriptive essay because the senses are so involved in the entire experience of human life. 

To write a descriptive essay, you must relate every aspect of your paragraph's environment to the main idea or theme of your paper. Your conclusion paragraph should be the last paragraph you write because that is the most important part to your academic writing.

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