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No mobile strategy to back your mobile app



The following image illustrates a typical mobile strategy implemented by businesses.


Your mobile app is a product and it has its own growth story that you as a business need to script. Developing an app is just the first step towards experiencing its benefits. If it's a consumer specific app, it needs to be made visible to its audience. Pre-launch hype and Post-launch buzz need to be generated to make the app's audience want to use it.


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The following diagram shows a mobile app marketing process that includes a pre-launch buzz and post-launch hype.

If it's an enterprise app that's going to be used by your employees, you must sell the benefits of the app to them, educate them about its functionality and make sure they understand its significance in your business growth objectives.


For this to happen, you need a well-defined mobile app strategy that is implemented right from the conceptualization stage and complements the app till it's being used. A comprehensive app centric strategy in software engineering company  allows you to evaluate app's success and calculate its ROI. The lack of a mobile app strategy can lead to your app floundering in a highly competitive market or just not catching on amongst your employees.


Adoption Challenges



If you are planning to develop an enterprise mobile solution you should be prepared to meet two major challenges namely Model Device Management and Mobile Application Security.


Your business infrastructure must be secure enough to ensure on one hand that new devices enter its existing network but on the other that it cannot access business critical data until and unless they are clearly authorized to do so. You must create and implement clearly defined fonts that ensure better control and management of devices and application development  that are being used in the network. This image gives you a 360 degree look into a device management protocol adopted by organizations:


What is also important is that there should be primary focus on the security of the mobile application right from the conceptualization. This will ensure data security and prevent unauthorized access. Care should be taken that the app meets the industry best practices for advanced app security. The image nicely represents how developers can make an application more secure:


Businesses and their Engagement with Mobile Apps



A quarterly Appcelerator survey offers some interesting insights into the world of business mobile apps and the ways businesses view them and use them. 


  • Out of 804 companies surveyed in August, 62% of businesses write apps that support 3 or more systems.
  • 80% of businesses are very interested in writing apps for iPhone and the iPad.
  • 71% of businesses are interested in writing apps for Android phones.
  • 60% of businesses are interested in writing web apps.

The significance of this survey is that it gives us an idea of ​​the general trend in the world of business apps and the popularity of certain mobile OS in comparison to others. As things stand, the iOS and Android are way ahead as the mobile operating platforms of choice for businesses.


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The Future



There is absolutely no doubt in anybody's mind that mobility solutions will play a very important role in the growth prospects of all businesses in the near future. With more and more businesses such as Jatapp  becoming aware of the benefits these apps bring to the table, the adoption of these apps to trigger business growth will keep heading north. Don 'be surprised if the business world as we see it today, will only be mobility focused in the near future.



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