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What is e-commerce? Definition, benefits, examples


Digital Marketing Agency Dubai (or ecommerce website development, also called ecommerce website development or magento website development) is a web-based application designed to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) build highly-customized ecommerce websites that can compete with established companies on the Internet. Magento themes are the most common components used in Magento development. The source code consists of over 5 million lines of codes and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Compared to other website developing software applications, Magento has a smaller set of features but a wider user base. This user base is what makes it so popular with small businesses. Because of these reasons, more small businesses are starting to use Magento to create their ecommerce sites.

sitecore development services provides a lot of advantages to small businesses that use it for their ecommerce sites. First, Magento is an open-source platform that is friendly to beginners and experts alike. This is because developers and designers do not need to spend a lot of time learning its various features and working on the intricate details of its different modules and templates because it is designed in a flexible manner, allowing developers to add new features and adjust existing ones.


Another advantage of using Web Design Agency Dubai is that it supports a wide array of functionalities. Magento includes different types of modules such as templates, themes, search engine optimization (SEO), payment integration, content management (CMS), content management (CMM), store building, global optimization, media management, global storefront, blogs, online store management, store administration, shopping cart and many others. This gives Magento developers and designers a wide range of options when developing websites. It also allows for easy migration from one platform to another. And because it's an open-source program, bugs can be instantly fixed and updated without having to wait too much. Plus, updates for this open source program are done on a frequent basis.


Aside from all these benefits, ppc agency dubai have the ability to customize the platform. Since it's already an open source program, developers are given the liberty to change its modules and functions according to their preferences and needs. The platform is actually very flexible because different functionalities can be added or deleted as needed, which enables Magento Web Developers to create dynamic online stores. For example, Magento Web Developers can use modules such as sliders, login fields, taxonomies, payment gateways and more. The more additional functionalities added, the more functions users will find convenient while navigating through online stores.


In addition, Website development Dubai have the freedom to add their own set of functionalities or plug-ins to the platform. In turn, they can add different kinds of add-ons which can provide depth to the functionality of Magento Web Stores. Most popular extension sets such as WooCommerce, WP Ecommerce, Jigoshop, Magneto, etc. are already built in the Magento extensions gallery.


To sum it up, App development company Dubai is a very good and reliable online stores e-commerce solution. With its countless plugins and functionalities, developers can definitely maximize the functions of this open source platform. With this powerful e-commerce solution, online stores can become more productive and efficient. Aside from its amazing functionality and flexibility, Magento Web Development also offers an easy learning curve, thus, making it easy for beginners to use the platform. This means that Magento Web Development is definitely for everyone.

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